Bad Behavior of Mountain Climbers to Avoid

Mountain climbing is an activity that many people do to spend their time off. Especially when on holiday, the favorite mountains are almost certainly full of climbers.

Mountain in Indonesia

Many mountain climbers still do bad things when climbing. Bad behavior that may still be done because of the limitations of science or ethics about climbing mountains. Here are the bad things that climbers do when climbing mountains as follows:

1. Hike without preparation
Mountain climbing is an outdoor or outdoor activity that cannot be done haphazardly. Need to prepare, from physical, equipment, to knowledge of the path so that the climb runs smoothly.

But now, there are many climbers who immediately decide to climb the mountain just because of a friend's invitation or see climbing posts on social media. They then begin the climb without careful preparation.

This is certainly risky. Without adequate preparation, the physical will not be ready to climb so that it can cause injury or accident. In addition, the risk of getting lost is also greater.

2. Wear clothes that are not suitable for climbing
As a physical activity, of course climbing the mountain also performs appropriate clothing settings. Comfortable clothing suits not only help climbers to move comfortably, but also when facing weather conditions on the mountain such as heat and cold.

Not a few climbers now who ignore about climbing clothes suits. Many still wear clothes that are not suitable for climbing such as jeans, thin jackets, and casual shoes.

Of course the suit of clothes that are not suitable for climbing makes climbing even more dangerous. It also causes a higher risk of accidents such as hypothermia. Of course the school shoes are prone to make users slip when passing through the climb that is quite slippery and does not protect the feet from injury. Another example is, overcoming the cold air on the mountain would need a standard jacket. Jacket with a thin layer of clear will not be able to protect the body from cold air.

3. Noisy in the tent at night
Joking with climbing friends is indeed an exciting activity in climbing. In addition to being more familiar, climbing may not feel tired when interspersed with jokes with friends.

However, joking loudly when camping at night, especially if there are other tents around it. That's because it could be that climbers in other tents are resting. Of course noisy in the tent at night can disturb other climbers who are resting to get rid of fatigue. It can be noisy because of chatting and laughing out loud, or playing music from a smartphone loudly. In addition, loud noises also have the potential to disrupt the lives of animals on a mountain that is climbing.

4. Make a campfire
Many hiking basecamp managers forbid mountain climbers from making campfires or fireplaces, especially during the dry season. That's because the fire is prone to make mountains experience forest and land fires.

However, climbers sometimes remain determined to make a campfire when climbing. Usually, the reason for the purpose of the campfire is none other than to warm themselves from the cold mountain air.

Bonfires are also dangerous because embers can be blown by the wind and hit dry bushes, triggering forest and land fires.

5. Leave teammates
When climbing with a team, ideally team members should walk close together. There should not be one person who separates by walking first or falling behind. This is so that all team members can survive until the basecamp returns.

From several cases of mountain climbing accidents, one of the factors is being separated from the climbing companion. That caused the movement of team members to be unchecked.

6. Littering and vandalism
This is one of the bad habits that many climbers do. They dispose of trash such as photo properties such as paper, plastic food wrappers, scribbled stones, and others.

Climbers who commit vandalism such as scribbling on rocks, trees, signposts or post markers, and others.

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