1001 caves in Pacitan Indonesia

Pacitan Regency is a regency in East Java Province, Indonesia. The capital of Pacitan Regency is Pacitan. Pacitan Regency is located at the southwestern tip of East Java Province. The area is bordered by Ponorogo Regency in the north, Trenggalek Regency in the east, Indian Ocean in the south, and Wonogiri Regency (Central Java) in the west. Most of its territory is in the form of limestone mountains, which are part of the Kidul Mountains series.

Pacitan Caves
Pacitan is also known to have beautiful caves, including Gong Cave which is dubbed the most beautiful cave in Southeast Asia, Tabuhan is a rock that can make sounds like the sound of Gamelan when beaten, Kalak is a hermitage cave, and Luweng Jaran is thought to be the widest cave complex in South East Asia. In the mountainous area surrounding Pacitan Regency, ancient human fossils and ancient tools are often found.

1. Gong Cave, a unique cave with rocks that emit the sound of gamelan gong

The first list is of course occupied by Gong Cave whose name is famous to foreign countries. This cave is located in the village of Bomo, Punung district or about 30 kilometers to the southwest of the Pacitan town square.

Gong Cave, Pacitan

Gong Cave is indeed famous for having cool stalactite and stalagmite formations. Even one of the rocks in this cave, if hit, will make a sound like a gamelan gong, from where the naming of the Gong Cave actually originates. Gong Cave is a popular tourist destination in Pacitan, so don't worry about the conditions inside the cave. The room in this cave is not dark because it has been equipped with colorful lighting that further beautifies the beauty of the cave.

2. Tabuhan Cave, the rocks can be used as musical instruments

Turning to Tabuhan Hamlet, Wareng Village, Punung District there is Tabuhan Cave which is also opened for commercial tourism purposes. The distance is not too far from Gong Cave, if from Pacitan city the traveler can take the road to Gong Cave. About 2 kilometers before the Gong Cave there is a T-junction with a signboard directing the traveler towards the Tabuhan Cave.

Tabuhan Cave, Pacitan

Tabuhan Cave has the original name of Tapan Cave, because it is located on the limestone hill of Tapan where in ancient times it was often used for asceticism. This cave only consists of two large rooms, in the first room a traveler will find an iron fenced site which is where the discovery of prehistoric sites. This cave then bears the name of Tabuhan Cave after many residents use the stalactite and stalagmite for art activities. As is known rock in this cave can make the sound of musical instruments, a traveler can also ask residents to play music from this rock cave by paying a certain rate.

3. Dawung Cave, a Cave that Has Just Opened for Tourism

In the past, travelers who came to Pacitan only knew Gong Cave, Tabuhan and Putri Cave. But in the last few years there is an additional option for the caving in the city of 1001 Goa, namely Dawung Cave or now better known as Sendang Pitu Cave.

Dawung Cave, Pacitan

Dawung Cave has its own privileges through the existence of seven spring in the cave. This spring or water source will be drained by abundant water during the rainy season. The location of Dawung Cave, aka Sendang Pitu, is located in Piton Village, Punung District. It's not difficult to find it because the route is in the same direction as Gong Cave.

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