"Combat" Tools That Must Be Taken For Holidays

"Combat" Tools That Must Be Taken For Holidays
"Combat" Tools That Must Be Taken For Holidays
Appearing to be in cyberspace seems to have become mandatory for young people today. How mandatory, wherever you travel You don't forget to take pictures or record videos. Especially when going on vacation, any moment must be enshrined until no matter how many hundred or million moments have been recorded.

1. Smartphone
In the sophisticated era like now, who else can live without a smartphone? With a smartphone, you can do many things, such as taking pictures, recording videos, accessing GPS, music, games, updates on social media, and much more.

Given how many benefits can be obtained, it is only natural that smartphones are in the first place from the list of combat equipment that must be carried when traveling.

2. Headset
When you are in a crowded place, such as a train station or a bus stop, you cannot avoid being called a commotion. If you don't like the commotion, the headset can be used as a noise-fighting device that is so powerful that your days will avoid saturation.

Close your eyes, turn the music on, and enjoy each rotating musical accompaniment.

3. Camera
For some people, just carrying a smartphone while on vacation may be enough to capture all the moments. But not for some people anymore. Capturing the moment with the camera turns out to be much more fun, especially the quality of the picture or video taken is far better.

For those of you who like photography, this camera is a mandatory combat tool. Don't forget it!

4. Powerbank
Again the fun of taking pictures and recording videos, suddenly the smartphone dies because the battery runs out. Very annoying, right? To avoid something like this, bring a Powerbank wherever you go. This tool can help to charge a weakened smartphone battery, so that the battery can be full again.

The Powerbank that you have is not only useful for charging smartphones, but also useful for charging iPad or tablet. Luckily again, Powerbank has two charging holes so you can charge two gadget batteries at once!

5. Action camera
Action cameras are being loved all-out. Not only by traveler but also by ordinary people. This tool is widely used to record videos and capture images that have something to do with vacation. Memory capacity is also large, so the number of videos and images recorded is even greater.

As a complement, don't forget to bring a selfie stick or tongsis, so the results of videos and photos can be arranged as desired.

6. Laptop
While on vacation, while looking for money. That's what travel bloggers and vloggers do. So it's no wonder that laptops are always held wherever they go. Laptops are used for writing, editing pictures and videos that are to be shared with social media. For those of you who are engaged in this job, the laptop must always be there. Do not forget!

7. Mi-Fi
The internet is out or lola? Take advantage of Mi-Fi or mobile wifi during the trip. Its mini size makes it easy for you to carry it wherever you go. Make sure the internet quota on Mi-Fi is filled so that your Mi-Fi can be used during the holidays.

Today does this fail exist? No more because you have prepared all the combat equipment needed to appear existed during the holidays. From now on, you can say goodbye as well as the name of a cheat or lack of updates. Happy holiday!

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