Traveling to Hong Kong? Don't Forget to Visit Ocean Park

Traveling to Hong Kong? Don't Forget to Visit Ocean Park
Traveling to Hong Kong? Don't Forget to Visit Ocean Park
now being one of the favorite tourist destinations for the people of Indonesia. This country that is not too large offers a variety of vacation spots, ranging from beautiful beaches to Hong Kong Disneyland.
In addition there is also a unique one-stop edutaiment (educational fun in one roof). Especially for Fimela's friends who vacation with family, they can experience new experiences. An exciting adventure as an adventurer of nature at the Animal Discovery Fest festival from April 19 to May 1.

14 interactive workshops on animals and backstage adventurous tours will be open to the public, including a limited new program to meet the Walrus ("Meeting with Walrus Animals").

There was also an open house which was held for the first time at the Ocean Park veterinary center. It aims to educate guests about animals living in the air, land to sea, and support the exemplary endeavors and achievements of Ocean Park in the care and conservation of animals.

Ocean Park Marriott hotel
Traveling to Hong Kong? Don't Forget to Visit Ocean Park
Ocean Park Marriott hotel
Located in Ocean Park, the newest HongKong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel is the first urban resort hotel in Hong Kong. Officially opened in February 2019, this hotel can be reached only minutes from the city center, and has a convenient transportation network.

This eco-themed facility consists of three buildings - Pier Wing, Club Wing and Marina Wing, offering 471 contemporary rooms and suites, including 14 Ocean Park-themed mascot rooms: Whiskers, Bao Bao and Redd, an amazing choice for families to enjoy a holistic adventure in Ocean Park.

The hotel lobby has ocean-themed decorations with a sustainable green concept. From April 19-28 2019, parents can register their children for a 3-hour education session called 'Kids Discovery Club Package'. Children will be invited to visit an animal exhibition hosted by educational ambassador Ocean Park, to learn about marine conservation in a fun way.

To improve guests' understanding of green living and environmental protection, a series of educational initiatives will be opened for guests so they can learn about animals in Ocean Park. This will also invite visitors to understand the importance of Ocean Park's work in animal care and conservation during the Animal Discovery Festival.

Meet the Walrus
Traveling to Hong Kong? Don't Forget to Visit Ocean Park
Meet The Walrus
The main attraction of this year's festival is Meet the Walrus, the newest and limited program. Guests can observe this large mustachioed animal up close, touch its skin, feed it and document this extraordinary meeting with a group photo.

During this festival there will also be 13 other interactive animal workshops and behind-the-scenes adventurous tours, including exciting moments with cute kinkajou animals and incredible steppe eagles, as well as an exclusive tour visiting the back layer facilities of the Grand Aquarium and Shark Mystique.

For the first time, a guided tour will be held at the Ocean Park veterinary center where a team of veterinarians will also share knowledge that can deepen the knowledge of young adventurers, to inspire them to take part in animal conservation. From now until June 30, guests can purchase the Hong Kong Street Food Tasting Pass Combo with Old Hong Kong Street Food Tasting tickets for HKD 480 (Rp. 868,000) (worth HKD 593 / Rp. 1.073 .000) to get another snack experience from the others in Ocean Park.

With these tickets, guests can choose from a wide selection of authentic local snacks, including egg puffs and fried dumplings from Michelin recommended restaurants, Mammy Pancake and Wing Lai Yuen, the first sustainable fish meatballs in Hong Kong made from sustainable fish (fish caught in a sustainable system that does not threaten the extinction of these fish or endanger the aquatic environment), and Hong Kong-style milk tea from Kamha.

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