Traveling Budget? You Must Know These Types of Lodging!

 Traveling Budget? You Must Know These Types of Lodging!
For those who like traveling, it should be familiar with various ways to choose the best lodging. This is related to the quality of the holiday that will be obtained, so it is only natural if lodging is one of the things that cannot be ignored.

Various destinations visited, it is likely to offer a variety of different types of lodging. Each of these inns will have its own advantages.

It is important to understand the differences in each type of accommodation from the start, so you can choose the type that best suits your needs and traveling budget. So as not to choose the wrong, consider some of the following types of lodging differences.

1. Hostel or Dormitory
A hostel or dormitory is an accommodation with adequate facilities, and in general is an option for those who have a low budget, because the price is fairly cheap.

This inn usually accommodates many people at once in one room. The number can reach 6 to 20 people. That is, guests must share rooms with other people, maybe even share a bed with a second level model.

Price? It is definitely the cheapest, so it is most suitable for backpackers with minimal budget.

2. Lodging Type Guest House
This lodging generally uses ordinary houses, where there are adequate facilities in it. The guest house will be the right choice for those staying in groups and only have a limited budget.

3. Motel
Motor Hotels or commonly referred to as motels, are lodgings that are often found on cross roads where users are people who are passing and need lodging before continuing their journey.

This inn usually has its own parking area (garage) which is generally adjacent to rooms for rent. The rates also vary, but are relatively cheap.

4. Lodging Type "Bed & Breakfast"
This inn also usually uses ordinary houses, where there are only a few rooms inside. The term bed & breakfast is in accordance with the concept of lodging that provides overnight accommodation along with breakfast.

5. Lodging Type Hotel
The hotel is the easiest type of lodging to find and is widely known everywhere. In general, this lodging is a number of rooms found in multi-storey buildings and has a variety of supporting facilities.

Some of these facilities include restaurants, parking areas, spas, fitness centers, swimming pools, bars and more. These facilities will be adjusted to the "star" level owned by the hotel itself.

6. Lodging Type "Boutique Hotel"
Similar to the general concept of boutiques that have limited quantities of exclusive goods, boutique hotels also have a limited number of rooms that have special facilities and services in them.

If you see the concept, it is clear that this one lodging will apply a tariff that is relatively more expensive than the usual hotel rates.

7. Resort type lodging
Carrying a different and fairly unique concept, in general this resort is built in an area that has beautiful scenery, such as mountains or beaches. The resort also has more complete and exclusive supporting facilities.

Facilities such as playgrounds for children, jogging tracks, beautiful garden areas, special rooms for spas, tennis courts, even golf courses and more, are usually available at resorts. These various facilities will become a separate selling power of this type of lodging.

8. Lodge Type Cottage
Cottage types of accommodation are usually built in quiet areas in beautiful villages, such as mountains and beaches. This inn is usually a simple building that is comfortable and quiet.

The cottages usually have the concept of small huts that are built separately, and are very safe for those who stay in it. Of course you need more budget to stay in a cottage than if only in a hotel.

9. Lodging type bungalows
Still similar to cottages, bungalows are buildings that are simpler and so thick with traditional concepts. This inn is generally in the form of a single building (without a partition in it), and has a terrace area that is wide enough to rest. The price is not much different from the types of lodging that are more personal, such as cottages.

10. Villa type lodging
This one inn is more like a vacation home, which is specifically built in a quiet area away from the crowds. Villas are usually built in cool mountain areas and still have beautiful and natural villages.

In general, villas are rented complete with facilities that strongly support leisure activities, such as fishing areas, sports facilities, swimming pools, parks to play, and others. Talk about prices, of course according to the facilities provided, this type of lodging requires relatively more money.

Fun Traveling by Adjusting Budget and Needs

Finding the right lodging is certainly a must for travelers who are often on vacation. To be comfortable and in accordance with your needs, make sure you understand the type of lodging and the facilities inside. Choose the most appropriate lodging, so the vacation can run smoothly, comfortably, and pleasantly.

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