This is the Best Camping Place in the World

This is the Best Camping Place in the World
Camping activities can be done with anyone, family or friends. There are several campsites that can make your brotherhood and friendship stronger. These are the 10 best camping sites in the world.

Virtual Tourist summarizes the 10 best camping sites, which are spread in various parts of the world. Reporting from South Florida Parenting, the following places:

1. Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, Australia
Located on the Cobourg Peninsula, 350 Km from Darwin City in the Northern Territory, this national park has beautiful natural treats. Garig Gunak Barlu National Park has a stretch of white sand, swamps, as well as rainforests with a variety of flora and fauna species.

In this place, tourists who are camping can dive into clear waters full of healthy coral. No wonder many travelers refer to this place as "Pearl in Australia".

2. Antelope Canyon, USA
Antelope Canyon is located in the State of Arizona. One place that is a haven for photographers is Navajo, a arid landscape full of red land that has its own tribe. But before going here, make sure you have a camping permit issued by the manager. You and your family are free to explore exotic caves!

3. Banjara Camps, India
What comes to your mind about India? Shabby, crowded, dirty? All these things will not be proven if a traveler visits Banjara Camps in Sangla.

This campsite is located near the Tibetan border. The Himalayas look magnificent from here, with ice peaks that soothe the eyes. In Banjara Camps tourists can visit remote villages, monasteries such as Bering Nag Temple and historic Kamru Fort.

4. Glacier National Park, USA
Glacier National Park is located in the State of Montana, close to the British Columbia border in Canada. This national park is famous among travelers because the scenery is very beautiful.

Choose yourself from one of the 13 camper locations available. Want trekking around the national park? Try to track 1,190 Km of tracks with diverse landscapes. Snow-capped mountains, vast expanse of grasslands, and clear-watered lakes are ready to welcome you throughout the year.

5. Drybeck Farm, United Kingdom
Located in Cumbria, Drybeck Farm can be the choice of travelers who want to feel living in the countryside. Fun, tourists can rent one or two farm tents that are indeed provided for accommodation.

Each tent has a fireplace, enough to fill up to 6 people. If you think it's less 'rustic', you can rent a Gypsy Caravan located right on the edge of the river.

6. Leo Carillo State Park, USA
This is one of the most unique camping sites in the US. Leo Carillo State Park is in the State of California, near the City of Malibu. Here tourists can camp under shady trees, but right on the beach!

Throughout the year, the waters here are always safe for you to swim. A traveler can find fish to burn, surf, sail or roast marshmallows in the fireplace.

7. Yellowstone National Park, USA
Maybe this is the most famous national park in the US. Yellowstone National Park stretches in 3 states namely Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. The most famous natural panorama here is glaciers, as well as wild landscapes inhabited by various species. You can camp and then bathe in a natural hot tub the next morning. Fresh!

8. Ruckle Provincial Park, Canada
There are different sights if you camp at Ruckle Provincial Park. At dusk, look at the ocean that stretches out in front of you and catch the killer whale silhouette jumping up and down in the distance!

Ruckle Provincial Park is located in Gulf Islands, British Columbia, Canada. No need to worry about remote killer whales in the deep waters, you can snorkel and swim near the camping ground. Sitting near a campfire at night will make the atmosphere warmer and more romantic.

9. Brazos Bend State Park, USA
Brazos Bend State Park in Texas, USA, stretches along the flow of the Brazos River. Not surprisingly, this place is a paradise for travelers who like fishing and camping enthusiasts.

Not only rivers, tourists can also fish on 6 lakes that surround Brazos Bend State Park. This place is also suitable for picnics, biking, even riding horses. But be careful, alligators often lurk from many places!

10. Longitude 131, Australia
Want to know the taste of camping in the interior of Australia, but in a fancy way? Come to Longitude 131 in Uluru, central Australia. Tourists will camp in luxury tents with various facilities. Many travelers say, this is where you fall in love with the beauty of the Australian outback.

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