Mandatory Small Equipment for hiking the Mountain

Mandatory Small Equipment for hiking the Mountain
1. Map of the hiking trail
Maps or climbing maps are very important for you to carry. The main function is to find out where you are and how far you estimate to the summit, others to avoid you getting lost.
You can get this map in the basecamp or download it on your mobile.

2. Folding knife
If you climb on a mountain that is clear the hiking trail is enough to bring a folding knife or do not carry large machetes and sharp items of the like. This knife is very useful in your climb.

Its function, first it can be used as a substitute for shovel in digging soil for defecation. Second, replace scissors. Third, watch out for wild animals.

3. Small rope
Small rope in climbing is very useful. You can use it to strengthen the installation of tents or flysheets so they don't fly during a storm.

Not only that, you can also use it to hang trash in the keril. There are also many other functions.

4. Flysheet
Usually, climbers who have brought a tent will rule out carrying a flysheet. In fact, this one equipment is important.

The point is to coat the tent in the event of a storm. Second, as a windbreak so the temperature inside the tent is not too cold. Third, flysheets can be installed for cooking tents because they are more compact.

5. Compass
Compass is indeed on your smartphone. But the physical compass will really help you know the exact direction when the cellphone is 'low battery'.

6. Powerbank
Powerbank is useful and you must bring it if you want to climb. You can use it to charge on mobile phones until all electronic equipment is suitable.

7. Versatile or Plastic bags
This versatile bag you can use to pick up or trash your own climbing container. Not only that, this water-tightened bag can be used to pack your clothes before putting them in the keril.

8. Poncho
Plastic ponchos or raincoats are the second choice if a traveler does not yet have a waterproof hiking jacket. However, you should bring a poncho when climbing in the rainy season.

9. Medicines
Sometimes we feel fit when we will and it is indeed obligatory if we want to climb. However, you must bring basic medicines to anticipate things that are not desirable.

Because, not only you need drugs if something happens. But, you must have a climbing friend or other climber who will definitely need the drug.

10. Flashlight
A lot of news about beginner climbers is negligent to bring a flashlight. Because, there are those who think they have brought a cellphone equipped with flash.

However, it's a good idea to bring a flashlight because it's very useful when climbing at night. The effect is that your cellphone battery will not be drained quickly.

11. Trekking pole or stick
The stick here is not only very useful when climbing. Not only that, the function of this stick can also be used as a reinforcement of the tent so it doesn't fly during a storm.

Trekking pole is also useful when you are down because it is the third and even fourth extension leg. And wear knee support or deker feet to avoid sprains.

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