Look at the 4 Most Luxurious Island Names in the World

Look at the 4 Most Luxurious Island Names in the World
Tired of constantly working? Now it's time to relax for a while and enjoy the results of your hard work all this time. Take a suitcase, pack your belongings, then go on vacation to the most luxurious island in the world. The facilities offered on the island are guaranteed to make you lulled. Or even make you not want to go home.

Make sure you have booked a room first before visiting one of the most luxurious islands in the world. Because the number of rooms on the island is very limited. Instead of running out and failing the holidays, you should
make a reservation in advance.

1. Lanai Island

Lanai is an exclusive island and is included in the 6th largest island in Hawaii. Entering this island is not arbitrary. Make sure you have contacted the island manager so that you are allowed to vacation here.

The price of the stay is quite fantastic. One night the fare is IDR 15 million. The price you pay is in accordance with the facilities obtained. Guaranteed not to be sorry.

2. Necker Island

Crowned as the only most beautiful gem along the British Virgin Island. Necker Island is owned by wealthy billionaire named Richard Branson. Staying on this island is something you can't forget for life.

Besides being presented with beautiful views, you will also be served by 60 staff for 24 hours. Whatever you need is guaranteed to be fulfilled right away. To get all services and facilities, you need to spend IDR 600 million per night.

3. Cayo Espanto

Located in San Pedro, Caribbean, you will find a five-star island named Cayo Espanto. The facilities provided are very complete, such as balcony, swimming pool, private beach to the private servants who are ready to bring the best food to you.

The atmosphere of staying at Cayo Espanto is like staying at home. Because the servants and managers of the island really maintain the privacy of the guests. The price of a stay of IDR 20 million per night.

4. Velaa Island

Velaa Island is also the most luxurious island in the world. This island is one of the closest alternative islands because it is located in the Maldives. The facilities offered such as golf courses, private pools, tennis courts to seafood are super delicious.

Velaa Island can only accommodate 80 guests. The price of a stay is around IDR 40 million per night.
Also the most luxurious vacation in the world does require a super large budget. But behind the amount of expenditure, you can enjoy the holiday atmosphere like in heaven. Happy holiday!

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