Intend to Camping? These Tips for Convenient Packing with a Carrier

Intend to Camping? These Tips for Convenient Packing with a Carrier
Like camping or hiking to the mountain? You must be familiar with a carrier, a large and tall backpack that can fit many items for outdoor activities.

Although the size is large, packing goods into a carrier can't be arbitrary. Must be arranged properly according to the type and function of the item to be comfortable to wear. Try checking the following packing tips, have you been packing properly all this time?

Low priority defaults are placed at the bottom
Place luggage with low priority at the bottom. Items that enter this group are change clothes, sleeping bags (sleeping bags) and folding tents.

Low priority refers to the function of objects during activities. These items are only needed when they arrive at the camping site, it is impossible to dismantle them in the middle of the trip.

Heavy luggage is arranged in the middle
The middle part is filled with luggage that is relatively heavy or which is not solid. Cookware, tent equipment, until drinking water reserves enter the center.

The backbone and hips are able to withstand heavier loads, the position is right in the middle of the carrier.
Light objects and emergency needs are placed at the top

The uppermost part of the carrier is used to place light items and high priority. Emergency items such as flashlights, first aid kits and snacks.

Wrap important items with a waterproof bag
If the hiking terrain you are going to go through is quite extreme or in the rainy season, wrap a few items with a waterproof bag. The most important electronic devices, so as not to damage the function of the components inside.

This waterproof bag is also important to bring even though it is not directly used. Many functions and can be used during emergencies such as storing wet clothes or securing other objects so as not to dewy.

Adjust the comfort of the bag before leaving
After packing is finished, don't forget to check the comfort of the bag again. Try using a carrier and take a walk a few steps. Is it comfortable in the body? Do not overload certain body parts such as shoulders and back.

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