Hi, Beautiful Raja Ampat from Indonesia

 Hi, Beautiful Raja Ampat from Indonesia
Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia
Many say Raja Ampat is a dream destination. Of course, here you feel like you are in heaven. What can you do in Raja Ampat?

Do you know what was the first time I thought about when I could have the chance to vacation in Raja Ampat for free? Yeah it's free, cool right? Just imagining it makes a happy heart especially if the dream comes true. Wow, really excited.

I don't know much about Raja Ampat. I have visited most of the entire country of Indonesia because I am the son of a sailor. So every month I am always invited around.

I visited Papua in 1994. At that time I was young so I didn't know anything about adventure. But when I grew up, I became very curious about Raja Ampat.

When I searched for various information about Raja Ampat, I became increasingly eager to set foot on this beautiful island. Seriously, of all the islands I have visited in Indonesia, Raja Ampat is one of the favorite islands that I will visit again.

Just imagine if we were given the opportunity to be in Raja Ampat for several days. What is clear, will have plenty of time to explore the natural beauty of Raja Ampat that has been recognized worldwide. Moreover, it turns out Raja Ampat has a lot of good cultural and culinary arts. Already curious yet?

Raja Ampat is an archipelago belonging to West Papua territory. There are around 1500 species of fish, 537 species of coral and 699 invertebrates that we can find in the waters of Raja Ampat. Not only because of the beauty of the tour, residents in Raja Ampat are also friendly and friendly.

Come to Raja Ampat!
 Hi, Beautiful Raja Ampat from Indonesia
 Hi, Beautiful Raja Ampat from Indonesia The majority of people I often meet when I say this sentence will say: "Ah, why do you go there?"

"Raja Ampat? So far!" or not a few say: "Expensive go there, mending all out of the country". This misunderstanding is due to a lack of information about Raja Ampat.

They think that leaving there needs to cost a lot compared to other places. Raja Ampat is indeed fun, it's just that there are still many who don't know.
 Hi, Beautiful Raja Ampat from Indonesia
Well, rather than being confused about how and what is happening in Raja Ampat. I will try to share the steps to be able to arrive and have an exciting adventure to Raja Ampat.
 Hi, Beautiful Raja Ampat from Indonesia
If there is a quote, it says: "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step" - Lao Tzu

The first thing we can do before we want to go traveling is to find a ticket to get to the destination. Most people who work in offices like me don't have much time to travel looking for tickets at travel agents.

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But such challenges will certainly not downplay our desire not to be traveling, right ?. Because nowadays the era is very modern, I don't need to bother anymore. So far, I have traveled only armed with Tiket.com. Why?
This Online Travel Agent has really interesting features that can realize our dreams to buy tickets wherever we want to go. Calm down, #All there is a ticket! One of the advantages of Tiket.com, this website and application has TIX point features for its members.

Every time I order tickets, hotels and entertainment, I will get a number of points that will continue to increase if I transact. The collected Tix points can be exchanged for discounted prices or goods.
 Hi, Beautiful Raja Ampat from Indonesia
Not only that, there are also cool features at Tiket.com called Smart Round Trip. With this feature, we will be easier to order flight tickets going home and certainly more economical because we can get special prices plus extra discounts from various domestic and international airlines. So, does anyone think that going to Raja Ampat is expensive?

Just click, right. Set foot in Raja Ampat If my principle is, I want to go up whatever is important until the goal I will follow.

The fastest route to get to Raja Ampat is by using an airplane. But if we want to enjoy more trips, we can use a boat. If we want to use a plane, we can start the journey from Jakarta to Sorong.

The trip takes around 6 hours. Before arriving in Sorong, they usually transit first in Makassar or Manado. Then the trip continues to the capital of Raja Ampat, Wasai where Wasai is on Waigeo Island. What airlines are heading to Sorong? Airlines available: Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya, Batik Air, Nam Air, Silk Air.

Then what activities can we do in Raja Ampat? This is what I will do when I arrive in Raja Ampat: 

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