Don't Originally Camp, Read First 6 Tips Here!

Don't Originally Camp, Read First 6 Tips Here!
Don't Originally Camp, Read First 6 Tips Here!
camping is an activity that has recently become of interest to young people. Camping is believed to increase intimacy and practice independence. For those who like camping and are planning an exciting and unforgettable camp, they are expected not to ignore the following 6 camping tips.

1. Determine safe camping locations This is certain, the time is to go camping but don't know the location. The location of camping will help you and your friends to prepare all your needs later, both personal and group needs. Avoid camping locations in flood-prone areas or around active mountains. This will endanger the safety of you and your friends. Some camping locations that you can try, such as Grafika Cikole in Bandung and Dikubu Strawberry Farm in Bali. Besides being safe, the place is also cool and cool. 2. Invite friends to go together Do you dare to camp alone? Definitely not, right? Invite 4-5 of your friends to camp together in the location you have been looking for. If you want to invite your family, just invite. The more people who come camping, the atmosphere is even more exciting. These people are certainly very useful during camping. If you fall sick or need help, someone will help, so you don't have to work alone.

3. Adjust the height of the tent accordingly The higher the tent, the cooler. That's what is in your mind. Very wrong! In fact, the lower the tent, the better because it is more resistant to wind, especially the night wind. In addition to altitude, you also have to pay attention to the material of the tent maker. Tents made of nylon are better for keeping the temperature moist and certainly durable. Make sure the tent is easy to carry everywhere, so it doesn't bother you and your friends when you go and go home later. 4. Bring cooking and eating equipment If you want to camp more than 1 day, you should bring cooking utensils. There are lots of cooking utensils that are now designed for camping purposes. You can buy this equipment at a shop near your home at an economical price. If you don't want to eat using leaves, don't forget to bring cutlery like plates, spoons, forks and bowls. Choose cutlery made of plastic. After use, you can immediately throw it away. So you don't need to add to the burden of your backpack when you go home camping later. 5. Bring lighting equipment and matches Other equipment that should not be forgotten is lighting equipment, such as emergency lights, flashlights, candles or even petromax lamps. This lamp is useful when the night comes, especially if you and your friends want to have dinner. Don't forget to bring a match, too, especially if you and your friends want to make a bonfire. Provide snacks, guitars and warm drinks so that the atmosphere of the campfire is more lively and memorable. 6. Don't forget to bring a sleeping bag and blanket The air temperature at night is very cold, especially if the camping location is on a mountain or beach. Bring a sleeping bag as a bed for sleeping and wrapping your body during sleep. To add warmth, you can bring a thick blanket. Try to size a large blanket so you can share with your other friends. So they are not cold.

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