Cheap and Exciting, These are 5 Favorite Backpacker Destination Countries in Asia

Cheap and Exciting, These are 5 Favorite Backpacker Destination Countries in Asia
The high interest in backpacking is good news for the tourism sector in Asia. Many countries in Asia are used as favorite destinations for backpackers. In addition to cheaper costs and accommodations, Asia has many exciting places to vacation.

Below, there are 5 countries in Asia that are most visited by foreign backpackers. Check, is there one of the things you've visited?

Believe it or not, backpacking to Vietnam only costs around Rp. 300 thousand per day. That includes cheap lodging concept hostel or capsule hotel.

The city of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Hoi An are the main destinations for foreign tourists who come to Vietnam. Many cheap food stalls, souvenir markets, cultural attractions and other interesting attractions. It's natural that many backpackers are interested in visiting this country.

Although its location is flanked by four other major countries, Laos is also a favorite backpacker destination in Southeast Asia. This small friendly country is often used as a haven for foreign tourists.

Costs that need to be spent during a vacation in Laos do not reach Rp. 300 thousand in a day. There are even super cheap inns that are priced at Rp. 50 thousand per night.

The charm of Thailand as a favorite backpacker destination doesn't need to be doubted. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, to the street food culinary market always make visitors want to return to this White Elephant Country.

Not much different from Vietnam and Laos, backpacker fees per day in Thailand are in the range of Rp. 300-350 thousand.

The Philippines
This former Spanish colony located in the north of Sulawesi Island is equally interesting to explore. The Philippines is known to foreign backpackers as a paradise for beautiful beach resorts, not inferior to Indonesia.

To enjoy backpacking activities in the Philippines, each person can only spend Rp. 300 thousand. But not including the price of renting a luxury resort, huh.

Backpackers who like trekking activities are certainly not foreign to the Pokhara region in Nepal. The starting point of this climb is increasingly popular among foreign tourists.

The cost of vacation here is very friendly in the pocket. The day is enough to spend Rp 250-300 thousand including accommodation, accommodation and transportation. Very cheap right?

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