7 Tourist Attractions in Lombok Indonesia that Must Be Visited

Lombok is an alternative tourist destination popular in Central Indonesia, suitable for those who want to look for tourist attractions as beautiful as Bali, but are relatively quiet. Besides having a beautiful view, Lombok also offers beach tourism, culture, history, and culinary
7 Tourist Attractions in Lombok Indonesia that Must Be Visited
Lombok Indonesia that Must Be Visited
 Want to know what are the best tourist attractions in Lombok? Here's a list of the 7 most recommended tourist attractions on this beautiful island.

1. Kuta Beach
7 Tourist Attractions in Lombok Indonesia that Must Be Visited
Kuta Beach in Lombok is different from Kuta Beach in Bali, because it is relatively clean and quieter. Located in Kuta Village in Central Lombok, this beautiful beach is often one of the first destinations for tourists who have just landed at Lombok International Airport. This beach offers soft sand, waves that are suitable for learning to surf, and beautiful underwater scenery.

The recommended activities at Kuta Beach include snorkeling, surfing (for beginners to intermediate levels), renting a boat, swimming, and watching the sunset. This tourist spot in Lombok is surrounded by quite complete facilities, such as a homestay, surfboard rentals and snorkeling equipment, to food stalls.

Visitors should come between 09:00 and 15:00 to enjoy the optimal atmosphere and waves. If you want to see the sunset, come around 16:00 or 17:00 to enjoy the afternoon atmosphere on Kuta Beach.

2. Selong Belanak Beach
7 Tourist Attractions in Lombok Indonesia that Must Be Visited
Selong Belanak Beach is on the same track as Kuta Beach, making it a suitable beach destination. This tourist spot in Lombok has soft white sand and blue water, and is still relatively quiet even though it already has standard facilities. This beach has waves that are suitable for surfing, but not too large, making it more suitable for beginners.

The recommended activities at Selong Belanak Beach include surfing, swimming, sunbathing, watching the sunset, and snorkeling. There is no entrance fee to this beach, but visitors who bring vehicles must pay a parking rent of IDR 3,000.

Selong Belanak Beach is about a 30-minute drive from Kuta Beach. The road to the beach now has good conditions. There are several cheap food stalls around the beach, so visitors can eat at affordable prices.

3. Tanjung Aan Beach
7 Tourist Attractions in Lombok Indonesia that Must Be Visited
Tanjung Aan Beach is located quite close to Kuta Beach and Selong Belanak, so it can be visited at once in a day. Tourist attractions in Lombok are also clean and offer gentle waves, but the characteristics of the sand are more like pepper grains. There are several bumps of rocks and coral formations, but overall, this beach is quite visitor friendly and suitable for novice surfers.

Tanjung Aan Beach is a tourist spot in Lombok that is suitable for snorkeling. Many locals rent out snorkeling equipment, or open a simple food stall. You can also buy young coconut, and sit on the simple benches provided. In February and March, tourist attractions in Lombok are often one of the locations of the Bau Nyale Festival, in addition to Kuta Beach and its surroundings.

Tanjung Aan Beach is only about 3 kilometers from Kuta Beach. There is a public vehicle that passes Tanjung Aan Beach, but if you don't want to spend a lot of time, travelers are advised to rent a motorbike or car.

4. Bangko-Bangko Beach
7 Tourist Attractions in Lombok Indonesia that Must Be Visited
Expert surfers who are not satisfied with Kuta Beach or Selong Belanak can choose Bangko-Bangko. Also known as Desert Point, Bangko-Bangko Beach has big waves and sharp rocky areas that are quite challenging for expert surfers. This beach is located southwest of Lombok, in a rather remote area, so the condition is still quite beautiful.

Travelers can reach Bangko-Bangko Beach by renting a boat from Lembar Harbor. You still have to rent a car or motorcycle taxi to reach the beach area. Although it does not have many facilities, local residents rent out cheap lodging lodges around the beach area.

5. Tangsi Beach
7 Tourist Attractions in Lombok Indonesia that Must Be Visited
Tangsi Beach is a beach in East Lombok that has a unique form of pink sand, so it is often called Pink Beach. Travelers can find tourist attractions in Lombok by driving 2 kilometers from Mataram, to find a signpost that reads "50m Pink Beach". There is also a rented boat from Tanjung Luar Port which heads to the area where this beach is located.

Tangsi Beach is best visited between 08:00 and 16:00, because the sun is bright enough to reflect pink on the sand. Be sure to come during the dry season, so that the pink color that appears appears maximum. Travelers are advised to bring lunch and go home before dusk, because there are no inns, stalls, or other tourist facilities around the beach.

6. Mount Rinjani
7 Tourist Attractions in Lombok Indonesia that Must Be Visited
Mount Rinjani is the third highest peak among the Seven Highest Summits (Seven Summits) in Indonesia, and is a national park. This mountain is popular as a climbing area throughout June, July and August. There are many things that can be seen in tourist attractions in Lombok, even though you don't climb to the top.

Segara Anak Lake is one of the famous panoramas in Rinjani. The area around the lake is flat and suitable for fishing or camping. Segara Anak Lake is also surrounded by various caves that can be explored, such as Gua Susu, Manik, and Payung. There is also a natural hot spring pool which is located just below the lake area. In addition to being able to soak, this hot water pool is also often used by locals for rituals.

Mount Rinjani also has various waterfalls, most of which are located at the foot of the mountain. There are at least 20 waterfalls at the foot of this mountain, complete with cool pools below. There is also a unique hilly meadow in Sembalun Lawang Village, which is also the starting point of the hiking trail.

7. Bukit Pergasingan

7 Tourist Attractions in Lombok Indonesia that Must Be Visited
7 Tourist Attractions in Lombok Indonesia that Must Be Visited
Located in the Sembalun area, East Lombok, Bukit Pergasingan is a popular location to enjoy the view from a height without having to go through heavy climbing like on Mount Rinjani. The Bukit Pergasingan offers a panoramic view of the forest, rice fields, countryside, and Mount Rinjani in the distance. Visitors who want to climb Mount Rinjani for the first time often practice on this hill.

Bukit Pergasingan offers a perfect point to view the sunrise and sunset. There are also various facilities for adventure, such as paragliding and mountain bikes. Tourist attractions in Lombok are also suitable for camping. If Mount Rinjani is not open, for example due to volcanic activity, climbers who "itch" want to climb often try this hill instead.

Because there are no public vehicles going to the hilly area, travelers are advised to rent a vehicle. Many residents around the foothills also rent cars and motorbikes, making it easier for travelers to reach the climbing point. The Bukit Pergasingan tourism-related facility is managed by a local community called Sembalun Development Community Center.

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