12 Fun Things to Do in Raja Ampat

1. Try Scuba Diving and Snorkelling
12 Fun Things to Do in Raja Ampat
Of course Scuba diving is one of the mandatory activities that I did when I visited Raja Ampat. Underwater life in the Raja Ampat islands is indeed not playing games. According to a report developed by The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International, about 75% of the world's species live here!

The amount and biodiversity of the Raja Ampat sea and its extraordinary coral reef system make Raja Ampat a place to shoot the location of the film Edis Paradise 3. Of course if we want to dive, special lisence / certificates are needed.

No need to worry if we can't do scuba diving. We can still dive on the surface of the water or commonly called snorkeling. Without even having to enter the sea, we can see the richness of the sea of ​​this region complete with coral reefs and colorful colorful fish.

There are many dive and snorkelling places to choose from in this vast waters. Among them are in the Passage Kabui, around Pulau Arborek pier, Sawandarek, Yenbuba, Friwen Wall, and many more. The cost range for diving is IDR 550,000.

2. Swim in Kali Biru (Wemalao)
12 Fun Things to Do in Raja Ampat
Must be curious about the location of Kalibiru in Raja Ampat? This blue river is located in Teluk Mayalibit. This small river is very clear and blue. Anyone who sees it will surely be fascinated and will definitely want to swim. Before heading to Kali Biru, we can also drink water from springs around the upper reaches of the river. It tastes fresh and sweet!

3. Hunt Sunrise on the Pianemo islands and Sunset on Saonek Monde
12 Fun Things to Do in Raja Ampat
Who of us is included in the pursuit of sunrise and sunset? I am one of them. To get a sunrise or sunrise, we have to get up early at around 5:30 a.m. But I guarantee that the scenery is like this, we will definitely be very excited to wake up. Agree right?

The best place to see the sunrise is on the Pianemo islands. Pianemo's atmosphere is very calm and quiet, far from the noise of the vehicle. Quiet and very clear sea water, beautiful coral rocks coupled with each side of the island there is a reflection of the color of the sky and the shadow of the island that presents a mixture of shades of blue and green. Perfect!

Sunset hunting is also an activity that I don't think I should miss. There are several hotels and inns that provide facilities to see the sunrise or watch the sunset in Raja Ampat. Examples include: Raja Ampat Dive Lodge, Waiwo Dive Resort, and many others. In my opinion, the prettiest place to see sunset is in the Saonek Monde, Wasai.

A trip to Saonek Monde island can be reached by speedboat with a round trip fee of Rp. 500,000 - Rp. 1,000,000. There are a number of things that I always need to keep in mind when I'm going to hunt sunset or sunset.

First, I will make sure when sunset takes place. Usually I will ask local people who are there. Second, I will prepare my combat equipment, the camera and tripod.

If these two items are left behind, it's very unfortunate if you can't capture those beautiful moments. Not only in hotels or resorts, we can also hunt sunset on a speedboat. Activities that are quite interesting, right?

4. Directly see typical wildlife from Raja Ampat

The extraordinary Raja Ampat wildlife is not only under water. In the midst of the many dense forests in the islands of Raja Ampat, we can still find species of Endemic Kuskus, Kuskus Waigeou, and others. I am really interested in seeing the funny behavior of this one mammal in enjoying its food. It's really adorable!

5. Enjoy the Cendrawasih Dance in Sapokren Village

Have you ever seen Rio's animated film? A film featuring dances from birds in the forest. Almost similar to the film. Bird of Paradise or the nickname of Bird of Paradise is very special. This Papuan bird has a beautiful and elegant feather color.

We can find these birds in Sapokren Village and Sawingrai Village. During the mating season arrives, male paradise will perform a dynamic and beautiful dance-like movement to grab the attention of females. For those who want to calm their minds, just come here and listen to the birds of paradise. Wow, if I really want to.

6. Learn the culture of Papuans

12 Fun Things to Do in Raja Ampat
The thing I most want to do every time I travel anywhere is to mingle with the local residents who are there. Yes, I want to observe their daily lives and their unique traditions. One of them is to see first-hand the way these residents capture octopuses empty-handed. Wow, really cool. Besides that, the residents of Raja Ampat are very friendly. They usually perform traditional welcome dances on the dock and present various Papuan folk songs. We can get this amazing experience in the tourist village of Arborek.

7. Eat Papeda and Yellow Gravy Fish

12 Fun Things to Do in Raja Ampat
If you go to Japan but don't eat sushi, people don't know their name. Likewise, if we go to Raja Ampat Papua less memorable without tasting Papeda and yellow broth fish. The papeda base material is sago flour. For the people of Raja Ampat, this food is a substitute for rice. When eating it, don't forget to pour yellow fish or tamarind fish. A bowl of Papeda plus yellow broth is priced at Rp. 25,000 - Rp. 30,000. Interested in trying?

8. Hiking nature in Raja Ampat? No need to worry!
12 Fun Things to Do in Raja Ampat
Have greater guts? Come explore the ranks of coral clusters in Wasai, Kabui and Pianemo. I am a lover of activities that test adrenaline. Taking pictures on the hill will be fun because I can take pictures with the background of a group of small islands in Raja Ampat. Climbing or Trekking activities require preparation not just equipment but also mentally. Try at the time of trekking the condition of the body is healthy and choose shoes that are comfortable during trekking. For those who are afraid of trekking, you can enjoy the natural beauty in a place that has been specially made in Raja Ampat.

9. Feed fish

"I can't swim, let alone dive. Continue to do something in Raja Ampat?"
If you have problems like your friends. Don't worry, we can still do this. Feeding fish in Raja Ampat. We can directly come into contact with fish in the waters. So the sensation is different from feeding in an aquarium.

10. Relax in Telaga Bintang
12 Fun Things to Do in Raja Ampat
If you have been to Raja Ampat, don't miss Telaga Bintang or Laguna Bintang. The natural form of Lake Bintang coupled with clear and green water is very refreshing to the mind. Read books, take photos, or even just keep quiet here, I think it's very enough because the scenery in Telaga Bintang is amazing.

11. Learn something new: Coloring Affutra Batik

Because I am an artistic person, I am very eager to try the art of coloring Affutra batik. This batik motif is truly unique, namely lifting natural resources in Raja Ampat.

12. Take home unique souvenirs from Raja Ampat
12 Fun Things to Do in Raja Ampat
Confused looking for souvenirs in Raja Ampat? Just come to the art shop at Wasai and Arborek. There are various types of souvenirs that we can bring home and are all unique. Examples: masks, wood carvings, shark jaws, Virgin Coconut Oil that can reduce cholesterol levels, statues of the Asmat tribe, noken bags, hats, typical Raja Ampat batik, and others.

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